Eating Well

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HELLO! Thunder here! Having to choose one of the three pillars upon which 3DOGS was founded, and I chose “EAT WELL”. If we are going to talk about food, should be the foremost qualified to deliberate since I’m the food connoisseur among the 3DOGS trio! As there is a saying all food must go thru’ “Lab” Testing! Get it? Get it? No? Ok neh-mind…..

So… “EAT WELL”.  What does that mean? Of course, that means my human LOVES me so much and all he wants is to provide the best food available for my life stage. As our humans have different nutritional needs at different stages of their lives, we, as their doggy mate, too, require our own special needs and nutrition.


The humans have a saying, “A Hungry Man is an Angry Man”. In our world, a Hungry Dog is a likewise an Angry Dog!!! When our humans feed us well, and give us the best food, coupled with the best possible nutrition, we are happy!  We stay playful, attentive and are always in good spirits! Our eyes sparkle! And you can see our grinning smile.


Hey! All this food talk drives me crazy. I ‘m going bug my human for some nom.


Till my next post, stay happy and enjoy the good life! And remember : ALL FOOD NEEDS TO BE LAB TESTED!


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