• Chase

    Bonjour! My name is Chase, the most handsome one among the Trio! My human named me Chase because, as literal as it sounds, I love chasing things! How can one stay still when the world is so bright, beautiful and full of intriguing adventures? Behind my deep set golden eyes, is an eager personality who is ever ready to meet people. I always love a good morning jog and an workout with my human. A perfect day to me involves an energetic chasing game with Thunder and Scotty at the park with my other friends. At home, my warm cushy bed is my ideal chill-out place. Would love to stick around and talk more, but I just saw a pigeon I’d like to go chase….

  • Scotty

    Hiya! Scotty is my name, and yes, I’m a Scottish Terror. Ooops.. I mean I’m a Scottish Terrier. Looking smaller than my brothers does not equate to having a smaller personality, ‘coz I hunt with them BIG DOGS! I am the protector of my family, and a brave heart who never gives up without a good fight. Disturb my family and I’ll come get you! Hahahaha! Just kidding, my bark is probably worse than my bite, and I don’t bite, I only nibble. My family loves me and my favorite past time involves pranking Sleepy Thunder and Naughty Chase when I am bored. I like being the gangsta, and love to hang around humans and bug my furry friends too. Ooh.. Did I mention I love butterflies? I am fascinated by how colorful they are and how they flit about all day.

  • Thunder

    Hello! I’m Thunder! Hear me ROAR! Relax, just kidding, the only thunder you’ll hear will be my thunderous snoring. Goofy and friendly describes my personality, especially ‘cos I don’t like to sweat the small stuff. There are too many things in life to enjoy, why let small buggers bother you, right? (Lol.. Yes, Scotty, I’m talking about you too!) My favorite past time is to explore and poke my nose around, so I especially LOVE the outdoors, especially after the rain, when there are mud puddles everywhere! Rolling in mud is my idea of a perfect day! After all that play, the ideal conclusion to my perfect day would then be to chill out under the AC, have a good meal and then start my snore-fest. Isn’t this a perfect doggy life?