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What is 3DOGS?

3DOGS is an online platform combining both retail and social cause. Inspired by the founders’ own pet dogs – Thunder, Chase and Scotty – the site offers products and services based on the three basic aspects of a dog’s well-being:  Eat Well, Play Well, Bond Well.


How did 3DOGS come about?

3DOGS’ founder Anthony felt that the variety and quality of products available locally, lacking. The reliability of the online retailers and products was also varied. Anthony saw opportunity in these gaps and conceptualized the online concept that is to become what we now know as 3DOGS.


What makes 3DOGS Different?

Where other retailers may just be keen to make a sale, we are dog owners ourselves and the products and services on 3DOGS are carefully handpicked and tested. We only carry what we love and trust, which means you can be assured of its functionality and quality. 3DOGS aims to offer a dynamic variety of products with a personalized touch.

As a young company, we aspire to grow with the community, and provide avenues for pet-owners, animal lovers and service providers to meet, interact, contribute and grow.We hope you will join us on our journey and look forward to your support!

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