Bond Well

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BOND WELL, Hmmmz… Let me rack my small Doggy brain… Yes! LOVE and Patience! As you know humans are complicated with many ridiculous needs. Thankfully I’m much simpler! I only need 3 things: Food, Shelter and Bonding with my human! In essence, it’s JUST about me and my human!


BOND WELL. Talking my human is a perfect way of bonding! Ok, my human doesn’t speak dog, and even if he did, he would probably bark strange! In my world, speaking my language means communicating using body language, smell, and touch. Understanding our emotional needs but giving us boundaries, enables us to communicate better and resolves misunderstanding.  Many a times, I would play a neighborhood gangster role prowling around to terrorize my brothers but my human will discipline and encourage new bonds between us through play and exercise. My idea of a Perfect Day is a rough tumble and tussle in the grass. The rougher the better! Bring it on! I’m maybe small but I’m no pushover. Mark my words! I’m a Scottish toughie! The Brave Heart of Scotland!


My human never under estimates me coz’ I HUNT with THE BIG DOGS! I am the GRAND Protector and Guardian of my Estate! Look! I’m strong and dangerous! Rawr…… Wait…OoooooHooooooo! A butterfly!!!!!!! I haven’t seen one around lately……


*runs off after the butterfly*


The Scottish Terror Terrier



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